Thy Whisky Week

Ultra Local, Single Estate Whisky. Made from organic grains including old Danish heritage grains. A unique single distillation process, and a bespoke beechwood smoking technique. Add all these things up and you’re left with Thy Whisky. A truly exciting distillery from the west coast of Denmark that will warm the hearts (and stomachs) of many a whisky lover.

I will keep the introduction short as today I will be reviewing no less then 7 of their whiskies! Including both their core range and a couple of distillery exclusives. With a big thanks to Hogshead Imports, who import Thy Whisky for The Netherlands and were kind enough to send me this amazing sample set!

To make sure this many reviews stay a bit comprehensible I will divide the tasting notes across different blogs, which I will link below:

Thy Whisky Reviews:

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