Thy Hawboen

My first Thy review is the Thy Hawboen! A bourbon cask aged single malt made from both beechwood smoked malt and pale malt that’s already intruiging me on paper. Using beechwood to smoke malt is something unique to Thy Distillery and I can’t wait to explore what that does to a single malt!

ABV: 51,5% (103 proof)
Type: Single Malt
Cask: Bourbon
Malts: Beechwood smoked malt, pale malt

Freshly cut pine trees, steaming hot rosewood, and hints of sandalwood. This dram is full of fragrant wooden notes paired with warm baked apple pie, rooibos tea, and a healthy serving of cinnamon.

Molasses, ahorn syrup, caramelised apples and tons of liquorice root. Where the nose was mostly wood dominant the palate sits far more on the sugary confectionary side. It reminds me of warm baked cinnamon rolls!

From the intensity of flavours I found on the nose and palate I would have expected a longer finish. As is, it sits just below a medium length one though. Most of the notes from the palate fade rather quickly, after which I’m left with an enjoyable liquorice root tea note before it dissipates altogether.

I enjoyed this Thy Hawboen quite a bit. It reminded me of building campfires in the forest during autumn holidays and Finnish sauna’s in the middle of a forest. This would be a dram I’d be likely to pick up after a cold walk in the rain. Perfect to warm up with!

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