Thy Spelt-Rye

ABV: 48,5% (97 proof)
Type: Rye Whisky
Cask: New Oak
Malts: Malted Rye, Spelt & Barley

More fresh forest notes as on the previous dram, but paired with a luscious amount of vanilla this time around. You can really sense the influence of the new oak. Paired with herbal notes like coriander, kardemom, and nutmeg. And fruity notes such as white pears, nectarines and just a hint of passion fruit.

Very reminiscent of American Rye’s but with a fair bit more bitterness. Brown sugar and molasses provide some sweetness to balance out the oak driven flavours of this dram. I’m finding rye bread, thyme, freshly ground coffee and extra dark chocolate as well.

The finish is long and fairly tannic. I’m picking up on some black tea notes, oak shavings and old cedarwood. After a while I start to pick up on some eucalyptus and mint notes as well.

This Thy Spelt-Rye is not really my cup of tea. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s a dram with plenty of depth and complexity and it’s very well-made. But bitter flavours, just like for example in a Negroni, aren’t really something I tend to go for. I have many friends who love a good Negroni though and I think this dram will be right up their alley!

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