Thy Bøg

ABV: 50% (100 proof)
Type: Single Malt
Cask: Oloroso & PX
Malts: Beechwood smoked malt, pale malt

Sultana’s, maraschino cherries, apple syrup, green tea, kardemom, nutmeg and just a hint of tar. There is a lot to explore here, and none of the aroma’s become overwhelming or dominant over time. This allows you to sit back and take your time picking apart each single note and personally I love that!

Warm from the oven fruit cake, with plenty of herbs and spices. Nutmeg, kardemom, cinnamon, thyme, basil, and parsley to name a few. Paired with dark brown sugar, cake dough, and caramel icing that very much reminds my of my grandma’s baking skills. Good stuff!

That fruit cake from the palate carries through beautifully into the finish, which last for a medium length of time. Some cloves, liquorice root and green tea appear here as well. But other than that it’s very much a continuation from that amazing palate.

As of yet my favourite Thy Whisky. It’s as interesting and exciting as the distillery itself! Ofcourse it also helps that the flavour profile is right up my alley! Remember what I said about that Spelt-Rye? If we’re still talking cocktails this is more an Old-Fashioned than a Negroni. And the Old-Fashioned is one that I would order. Just as a reminder that taste is always personal and my verdicts will reflect that. But I will always try to keep the tasting notes themselves as accurate as possible. If you know you like Negroni’s? Go for the Spelt-Rye! A fellow Old-Fashioned fan? The Thy Bøg will be an excellent addition to your liquor cabinet!

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