Thy Cask 1260

ABV: 58,9% (117,8 proof)
Type: Single Cask Single Malt
Cask: Bourbon
Malts: Beechwood smoked malt

Now this is intriguing. Rose water, lily’s of the valley, fennel, aniseed, dried apple, roasted  pine nuts, manuka honey, and green tea. The aroma’s here are crisp and lively, and unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in a single malt.

There’s a lot more heat here than the nose would lead you to believe. But not in a bad way at all. The green tea went from iced green tea on the nose, to a hot steaming cup on the palate. But there’s also fresh ground pepper corns and even a hint of jalapeño giving of heat. Crisp green apples, strawberry lemonade, salted liquorice and dried apricots compliment the spicy notes beautifully.

The finish is as liquorice forward as I’ve ever experienced on a dram. There’s salted liquorice, salmiak, honey liquorice, laurel liquorice… the list goes on. If you like your liquorice, this is definitely a dram to try! Aside from the liquorice there’s some fresh cut grass, aniseed, and tree bark here as well. Giving the long finish plenty of complexity!

The funkiness of this dram, the unique combination of flavours that I’m finding, is something that must come from the beechwood smoking of the malts. As it’s really unlike anything else I’ve ever had (very much like the previous dram) and that always excites me! I think the beechwood really adds something special and it’s something I’d love to explore more in the future!

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