Thy Cask 376

ABV: 50% (100 proof)
Type: Heritage Wheat Whisky
Cask: New Oak
Malts: Malted emmer & spelt (30%), unmalted øland (20%), malted rye (20%), barley malt (30%).

Freshly ground coffee, dark chocolate and burnt caramel. The nose of this Thy Cask 376 release finds itself snugly in a dark & intense flavour profile. Vanilla, nutmeg, and dried red fruit notes come through as well and lastly I’m picking up on some rye bread notes.

As dark and intense as the nose, the palate gives me espresso notes paired with mocha beans, brown sugar, liquorice root, nutmeg and salmiak. There’s a faint bitterness here, but it’s very well integrated in the dram. Some pinetree, molasses, and cigar ashes come through as well.

There’s a medium long finish here, but one with a high intensity of flavours. An almost sticky mouthfeel let’s the sweeter elements found on the palate linger nicely. But it gets paired with a more bitter agave note that eventually even turns a bit sour. Especially lime comes to mind. Unexpected, but very funky!

Recently I visited Waterford in Ireland where “terroir” is king. And though I do believe there are slight differences in the eventual product, personally I notice a much bigger impact in the types of grains used over their terroir. That’s why I always get very excited about the heritage grain projects of Waterford and seeing that Thy has picked up the mantle as well is something I wholeheartedly applaud! And the results are immediately noticeable as well! This dram is different, it’s funky, and above all very intriguing. One to sit with, sip slowly, and explore!

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