Ardnamurchan AD/10.21:06

This Friday it’s finally time… I’m leaving on my childhood dream trip! I’m flying to Glasgow and then on to Oban to get aboard the Thalassa. A three master Tallship fashioned in the style of Barquentines from the days of yore. Last week I got a double surprise that makes this trip even better, as we got an update that we will also be making port at the Ardnamurchan Distillery! While visiting Robbert ( he also gifted me with the dregs of his bottle of Ardnamurchan AD/10.21:06, which means I now get to review the perfect appetizer for my Scotland trip!

Tasting Notes: Ardnamurchan AD/10.21:06

ABV: 46,8% (93,6 Proof)
Age: NAS
Distillery: Ardnamurchan Distillery
Category:  Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Chillfiltered: No
Natural Colour: Yes


It’s a beautiful, sunny day here in the Netherlands and after weeks of rain it finally starts to feel like summer a little bit again. I went for a nice walk along the lake where the summery feeling was abundantly available, as you can see from the picture. Back home I crawled in front of the fan and poured a dram into my own Dram1 tasting glass. Ready for a proper tasting of this Ardnamurchan AD/10.21:06.


I’m finding lots of citrus fruits paired with hints of leather. There’s lime, quenepa, and kumquat and the leather note reminds me mostly of rawhide. There’s also some vanilla with some candied honey and some marshmallows to top it all off. There are some vegetal notes in there as well, with mostly fennel come to the fore.


The first thing that pops up its head again is the lime note, but it’s quickly accompanied with some ground black pepper here. I’m also picking up on some clear peaty notes here, where I barely found any on the nose. There’s some moss, bracken and a little bit of tar. Notes that bring a nice balance to the fruitier and peppery notes, though I am missing some of the sweetness that I found on the nose here.


The finish is medium long and what lingers is a faint hint of liquorice root bitterness paired with yet again some more lime. Some vanilla and a faint hibiscus tea are in there as well, but aside from those notes the finish falls a bit flat for me. Don’t get me wrong, it is still very much pleasant. But the nose and palate held much more complexity comparatively.


Ardnamurchan has been one of my go to brands when I give a tasting and I want to break through the bias that “good” whisky needs to be “old” whisky. For a young whisky Ardnamurchan never ceases to surprise me and this bottle is no exception. It has plenty of complexity and intensity, without ever becoming harsh or ethanol forward like some younger spirits tend to do. This is just quality stuff and the guys up at Ardnamurchan sure know what they’re doing up there. I can’t wait to see it all for myself this Sunday!



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