Lighthouse Blended Scotch

It’s been quiet on the blog for the past few weeks hasn’t it? Though I’ve posted several updates on Instagram I have not been posting anything on the blog at all. The reason for that’s very simple… I was visiting Scotland! And as bonnie as the land there is, the internet connection was sheer awfull.  After arriving home last weekend I had so much to catch up on that it took me a week to work through it all. But now I’m back, and ready to kick things off with a review about this bottle gifted to me by Robbert from Lighthouse Blended Scotch!

Tasting Notes: Lighthouse Blended Scotch Whisky

ABV: 40% (80 Proof)
Age: NAS
Bottled by: Brave New Spirits
Category:  Blended Scotch Whisky
Chillfiltered: Unknown (most likely though)
Natural Colour: Unknown (most likely not)


It seems that the weather I brought back home with me from Scotland has faded and summer is here once again. It’s roughly 26 degrees Celsius outside and I decided to write my review from my hammock. After reading Robbert’s Review on this dram I decided it would be the perfect setting to try this dram. Nothing to serious, yet enjoyable seems to fit a nice warm afternoon in the backyard perfectly fine!


On the nose I immediately get a slight maritime peatiness, that I usually associate with an island dram. It reminds me of oil drippings from a nice piece of salmon, sizzling on the hot coals of my bbq. But there’s a sherry sweetness to this dram as well, paired with just a hint of liquorice, that makes me think of “drop-fruit duo’s” a winegum and liquorice candy from the Netherlands.


There’s an instant sweetness on the palate that I honestly don’t appreciate all that much. It’s a bit cloying and reminds me of a hard cherry candy. Behind that initial blast of sweetness I’m finding gingerbread cookies and a nice dose of ground white pepper, and those notes I do appreciate. The initial sip might have put me off a bit, but it does get better over time.


The finish is rather short, and the aftertaste reminds me strongly of that of winegums. A slight bitterness paired with an artificial fruit sweetness. The only peaty element that lingers is a slight earthiness, remiscent of dried up dirt on a barnyard floor. A note that might not sound pleasant to everyone, but one that I (as a country boy) can appreciate.


This turned out to be quite a pleasant dram. Or at least, when put in the right perspective. It is miles ahead of the competition when you look at the pricepoint. A bottle of this will only set you back 22 euro and for that kind of money, this is quite simply stunning. Disregarding the pricepoint entirely it’s not a dram I’d seek out again, but at this price I fully agree with Robbert that it makes for an excellent option for a night with friends. I’ll sip this neat and no heartbreak will follow if they dump it in their cola haha. Either way, you can’t knock it for this price. It’s an okay dram, with a stellar value!





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