The Single Cask – Teaninich 13

It’s summertime! And though it’s my favourite season of the year, it’s not exactly “whisky season”. A lot of people tend to go for lighter spirits, cocktails, beers or white wines to suit the warm weather. But there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t enjoy a nice dram of whisky over the summer, it just depends on the dram you choose. For that summery feeling I knew I wanted to add a Teaninich to the line-up. As their flavour profiles often remind me of pear popsicles, which always give me a feeling of summer. When Robbert (confessionsofawhiskyfreak) introduced me to this Teaninich 13 from The Single Cask I was immediately sold.

The spirit brought exactly the kind of flavours I’m looking for in a “summer dram” and the philosophy of the bottler fits the summer edition of the Explorers Pack perfectly as well. At The Single Cask they cherish whisky for both its flavour and its ability to bring people together. Their whiskies are meant to be passed around and shared amongst friends. This Teaninich 13 is no exception and hopefully this dram will be shared amongst many a friend in the shade of a nice bar or restaurant!

Tasting Notes: The Single Cask – Teaninich 13

ABV: 53,8% (107,4 Proof)
Age: 13 years old
Cask: First fill bourbon barrel
Distillery: Teaninich
Category: Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Chillfiltered: No
Natural Colour: Yes


The first thing I notice on the nose of this dram is that pear popsicle I was looking for in my “summer dram”. But there’s more complexity to this whisky than just that. I’m also finding yellow grapes, kardemom, cotton candy and just a hint of cinnamon. Despite the relatively high abv the nose is very delicate, yet complex at the same time. After going back to it for the third or fourth time I’m still finding new elements, including some candied orange peel.


The palate brings a lot more heft with it than the nose does, the high abv is much more noticeable here. But despite that it doesn’t become overwhelming. The pear popsicle appears on the palate as well and it brings with it hints of the popsicle stick. But there’s also apples, nectarines and brown sugar. And it all comes coated in a luscious wallop of honey. Perhaps it loses some of its delicacy, but the complexity stays strong throughout.


I always get excited when a lighter more delicate dram comes with a lengthy finish. Because it’s often those types of drams that fade rather fast. But this finish is long, and perhaps the most complex part of this dram altogether. Baking spices, cardamom and nutmeg mix with dried strawberries, cranberries and apple crisps. And a mellow molasses paired with a hint of liquorice root rounds it all off. Lovely!


I’m a huge fan of the spirit produced at Teaninich and this dram was once again an affirmation for me as to why. But not all credit goes to the distillery alone, certainly the bottler put in the work as well and bottled this at exactly the right time. The cask influence is just right. The first fill bourbon barrel imparted a sweetness to this dram that pairs perfectly with the fruity spirit from Teaninich. This is the perfect treat for a hot summers’ day!



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