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DRAM1 Explorers Pack

I started Dram1 out of the sheer joy I discovered in exploring new whiskies. It sparked such a passion that I wanted to share this newfound love with as many people as possible. But whisky is an expensive hobby and buying a full sized bottle can be quite the investment, especially if you’re yet uncertain what it will taste like. That’s why I came up with the plan to build my own Explorers Pack.

I created a pack of six exceptional whiskies, which you’ll get to try in bars and restaurants around the country. Wether as a stand alone dram, or as a flight of three. I hand select these whiskies myself and they will all have a story to tell. That story will be posted on this blog and in the restaurants and bars you’ll find a menu with a summary of the most important elements of the dram. To keep it interesting for beginners and aficionados alike, I’ll make sure to select unique or harder to get whiskies that are still affordable. And I will do so through the connections in the industry that I’ve built up over the years, allowing me to pour you something truly special.

To aid bars and restaurants in providing you with the best possible experience, I also offer custom-tailored tastings and amazing food-pairings to go with the whiskies from the Explorers Pack on location.

I partnered with Bottle Business to ensure that you’ll get amazing value on the whiskies. I took several courses to become a certified Ambassador in several different whisky categories for the tastings I provid. And I work with expert chef Amy Tebarts for whisky dinners which will tantalize the senses.

Whether you’re here to check out the whiskies I’ve selected for this season. Or because you yourself own an establishment and would like to start serving the whiskies from this pack… I implore you to always feel free to reach out. I’d love to tell you more about this concept and any feedback is always more than welcome!

The Six Drams of Winter:

DRAM1 Explorers Pack in the Media

None other than the Whisky Monkeys wrote an article about the DRAM1 Explorers Pack. It’s an absolute honour and joy to see how many people support the concept and want to help bring better whisky’s to the hospitality industry! Check out the article by clicking on the “read more” button!

Whisky Monkeys also wrote a blog about the Explorers Pack Autumn Edition!

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