Chapter 7 – Peated Prologue

“A cask is as individual as a chapter in a novel. The author may be the same but the spirit always different”.
Chapter 7

When you look on the back of the bottle of this Chapter 7 Peated Prologue, the above-mentioned line is the first you’ll read. Which might be considered odd, when you consider this Prologue offering is not in fact a single cask bottling. The single cask offerings from Chapter 7 are nicknamed “Monologue”.

Still, I do think you get the point this Independent Bottler from Glasgow is trying to make. Indeed, every cask produces its own unique spirit, no two casks are ever the same. But what they all have in common, is that they have a story to tell. And so does this Chapter 7 Peated Prologue!

Interview Selim Evin

Get to know more about Chapter 7 by reading this interview with Selim Evin, the founder of the whisky label that marries whisky with literature.

Those who read my blog more often will know I often refer to the “tales” a whisky can tell. And here I’ve found an independent bottler who shares that outlook on whisky with me. So, of course… I had to include a bottle in my first ever line-up for the Explorers Pack.

This is also the only peated offering in the line-up, though that category sits very close to my heart. But as the temperatures will rise as we move towards the summer, I opted for a lighter peated dram. The monsters we know and love from Islay, can become a bit overwhelming when it’s 40 degrees Celsius outside. This Chapter 7 though, will do nicely in any sort of weather.

Tasting Notes: Chapter 7 – Small Batch No 2, Peated Blend

ABV: 47,9% (95,8 proof)

Age: NAS

Casks: Bourbon casks

Distillery: Undisclosed

Category: Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

Chill-Filtered: No

Natural Colour: Yes


When you nose this dram you will find some peat influence, but much more than that I’m getting spring vibes with notes of fresh cut grass and home-made lemonade. There’s some apples and honey as well and it all just paints a picture in my mind of biting down on an apple as I walk outside without my coat on, for the first time in spring. A sensation I absolutely love, and it speaks volumes about a whisky that can paint such a picture in my mind. The peat-influence that is there is the vegetal type, with notes of moss and bracken both coming to the fore.


On the palate the peat becomes much more noticeable. With notes of charred wood, left in the pit after last night’s campfire. It also brings a savoury note to this whisky, that reminds me most of peppered roast beef. The vegetal peat notes carry through in the palate as well though. I am still finding the lemon note from the nose, but the apple seems to have disappeared. Where I was imagining the first days of spring where you can go out without a coat on with the nose of this dram, on the palate the temperature seems to have risen to a climate fit for tank tops.


The finish of this dram has a reasonable – above medium – length. But what I love most about it is the flavours that keep developing throughout. First your hit with a wave of honey and then come some smouldering coals after a BBQ. Once that fades the citrus qualities seems to come back and there’s a whole new layer of freshness that appears as well, with fennel and aniseed popping up near the closing statements of this dram.


I love a good peated dram, and though I usually prefer the bit more untamed spirits from Islay, this dram is perfect for when the outside temperatures start to rise. The balance between its fresher elements and its heavier peated side is wonderful and beautifully composed. I must give it to Chapter 7; with this blended malt they sure wrote a story to tell. Mission accomplished for Selim Evin (Founder of Chapter 7).



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