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Review: Teeling Small Batch

Last Thursday I met up with my new whisky friend Thomas – @notanotherwhiskeyman – to share a couple of drams. And throughout the tasting the focus of our conversation shifted to Irish Whiskey. Unlike myself he has quite the collection of Irish and he knows quite a lot about it – perhaps also because his partner @gitalalloo is a proud Dubliner herself – and I jumped on the chance to learn more about the category. To do just that he sent me home with a couple of samples, of which I will review the first one today: The Teeling Small Batch.

Tasting Notes: Teeling Small Batch


ABV: 46% (92 proof)

Age: NAS

Distillery: Teeling Whiskey Distillery

Owned by: Jack & Stephen Teeling (with a minority stake sold to Bacardi)

Category: Blended Irish Whiskey

Awards: The Irish Whiskey Masters Master 2017 & 2020, The Irish Whiskey Masters Gold 2013 & 2014, The Irish Whiskey Masters Silver 2019, San Francisco World Spirits Competition Double Gold 2019, IWSC Silver 2013 & 2014, WWA Bronze 2014.

Chill Filtered: No

Natural Colour: Yes


Enjoyed neat in a Túath, behind my PC on a lazy Sunday afternoon. While listening to the 40 years Reunion concert from the Dubliners. After letting the glass open up for roughly 15 minutes.


This dram has a very light and floral nose. It instantly reminds me of spring. I get budding flowers and fresh cut grass. There’s a slight sweetness to it that I would almost describe as powdered sugar. There’s some Turkish Delight in there as well. A drop of water really brings forth the Turkish Delight, in fact it’s all I can smell now. I like it!


The lightness of the nose does not reflect in the taste. Oak tannins immediately flood my palate. On the back of it the powdered sugar and Turkish Delight make a reappearance, but the fresh cut grass and budding flowers are nowhere to be found.  A drop of water does tame the oak quite a bit, it’s still there but less sharp and more rounded off. Some apple also makes its appearance, that I wasn’t getting before.


The bitterness of the oak does fade away quickly and a warm mouthfeel lingers. There’s a faint memory of the Turkish Delight in there, but it takes focus to find it. The finish is medium short and does not hold a lot of complexity. I’d say more than a lingering taste it’s just the feeling of warmth that lingers for a bit. If that makes any sense at all. The finish is softer with a drop of water, but just as long (perhaps even a bit longer). The oak faded completely from the finish and instead of just warmth there’s a fruitiness to it now.


This is not a complex dram at all, it’s very linear. But don’t get me wrong, that is not necessarily a bad thing. Sure, if this would have been a hundred euro or more bottle, I would have been disappointed. But this is a good sipping whiskey. For the price it’s available for (roughly 25 euro) I have no complaints. This is the kind of dram I would like to pull off the shelf when reading a good book, something a bit milder that works in support of the story instead of taking over. I would pick this over the standard Jameson for example, which I think is a fair comparison price and category wise. The nose is definitely its standout feature and for 25 euro you can’t really go wrong.





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