Review: Glenturret 10 Peat Smoked

While I necessarily having to trim some of the roses from my garden today, I decided to use the fallen flowers for the background of a whisky photograph. It didn’t take me very long decide on the Glenturret 10 Peat Smoked, as I’ve been in love with the design of this bottle from the first moment, I laid my eyes upon it. Just like I’m in love with the sight of my roses each year when they come in full bloom.

The gorgeous bottle this whisky has been the standard Glenturret bottle since the Lalique Group bought the distillery back in 2018. The group is most famously known for Lalique Crystal and for Glenturret that meant that their whisky now standard comes in these lovely Lalique Crystal bottles. Which is, if you think about it, the deal of a lifetime. Lalique crystal decanters are way out my price range for sure, but here I have one and it came pre-filled with my favourite type of liquid!

The Glenturret claims to be the oldest working distillery in Scotland, though there are other distilleries like Strathisla and Littlemill that contest that claim. What we can safely state though is that it is a distillery with plenty of history, being founded in 1763!

Their 10-year-old Peat Smoked whisky that I’m reviewing today is a yearly release and the bottle I own (and poured myself for today’s review) is the 2021 edition.

Tasting Notes: The Glenturret 10 Peat Smoked – 2021 Release

ABV: 50% (100 proof)

Age: 10 years

Distillery: The Glenturret

Owned by: Lalique Group

Category: Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Chill-Filtered: No

Natural Colour: Yes



It is a lovely day today here in The Netherlands and I took that chance to do some highly necessary work in my garden. After which I went back to working on an article that I’m writing for all of you about Chapter 7! But once I made my first draft of that I found myself with some spare time, and seeing the roses I just had to trim I decided it would be a good time for a review of a whisky with one of the best-looking bottles out there! I poured the whisky neat into my Glencairn, pulled up the laptop and enjoyed this dram while listening to birdsongs.


It’s immediately apparent that you’re dealing with a peat smoked whisky with this dram, as whisps of smoke start luring you in for a sip as soon as you pour yourself a glass. The first note that pops in my head is smoked mackerel. But it’s not just smoked fish that I’m finding either, I’m also getting some smoked bacon and fat drippings on smouldering coals from a bbq. There’s a definite sweetness to the whisky as well though, with honey and maple syrup adding a lovely layer sweetness to the peat in this dram. Adding a few drops of water seems to bring forth a bit of vanilla on the nose, adding a bit of complexity perhaps but next to the smoked mackerel I have to say that I preferred it without.


On the palate I immediately get ash, charcoal and once again some savoury smoked meats. Not so much mackerel or bacon this time, but instead I’m finding peppered roast beef. The maple syrup and honey are still there but they are fairly muted as the ashy elements take centre stage. There’s also some oak bitterness in there, that make this a very hefty dram to sip on. Hefty, but good though. A few drops of water really lights a fire under the peppery elements of this dram, but it also brings forth a bit of citrus. Lemon to be precise. Here I actually like it even more with the water.


The finish is long and the way it lingers is lovely. Sadly enough it’s not one of those drams that evolves in the finish. The notes from the palate stay the same. They just slowly fade away into the background, until all you’re left with is a slightly peppery beef jerky. Not a note that I mind at all! The finish gets more intense with a few drops of water, and it seems to last longer as well. That citrus note comes through a bit too though. Which distracts me from the beef jerky note that I loved so much… which is a rather shame.


I’ve been thoroughly impressed with some independent bottled peated offerings from Glenturret lately and this 10-year-old Peat Smoked from 2021 out of their own core range is no exception. For the roughly 45 euro I bought it for I consider this a great value whisky as well. The only doubt I have with this whisky is whether to add water or not… All-in-all I can only be positive about this dram. That doesn’t mean that this is a spectacular whisky (the decanter it comes in is though) but it’s a very good whisky with excellent value. And sometimes that’s all you want from a dram!




B+ (A++ if you’re still in the market for a stunning looking decanter)

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