Review: Glenfiddich 12

Recently I decided to occasionally review some classics on the blog as well, after all these whiskies still form the starting point for many a new and exploring afficionado. Perhaps the ultimate classic is the Glenfiddich 12. For me, like for many others, the first single malt ever tried. And for that alone, it has our gratitude.

But the gratitude goes beyond introducing us to whisky, as it was also Glenfiddich that introduced the world to single malts back in 1963. But once whisky geeks dive deeper into the whisky rabbit hole, this dram often quickly becomes forgotten. We’re off to greener pastures of indie bottlings, cask strength releases, and so on. And that includes myself, as I saw this bottle sitting on my shelves untouched for quite some years.

Even though the Glenfiddich 12 was the first single malt I ever tried, it wasn’t the whisky that made me fall head over heels in love with the golden dram. That title still goes to the GlenAllachie 10. I tried the Glenfiddich many years prior though, as a young boy fresh out of my teens. So, let’s find out how I like it now, after a decade and a half more practice for my palate!

Tasting Notes – Glenfiddich 12

ABV: 40% (80 proof)
Age: 12 years old
Distillery: Glenfiddich
Chill-filtered: Yes
Natural Colour: No

Crisp green apples, home made lemonade, malt, and plenty of vanilla. Classic notes, for a classic dram. Most Glenfiddich releases seem to have a very strong aroma of apples for me, and this one is no different. The nose is fresh, crisp and pleasant. Perhaps not very exciting, but pleasant nonetheless.

More apples, vanilla, and malt. But with hints of pepper, walnuts, and pencil shavings popping their heads up as well. Those crisp and lighter tones that make up the majority of flavours in this dram do allow some heat to shine through. But overall it stays very subdued and easy going.

The finish is short. With some apples, vanilla, and pencil shavings lingering before it dissipates altogether. Short isn’t always bad though, in fact I think this is a great dram to start a flight with because the flavours won’t carry over into the next dram.

I think these must be one of the shortest tasting notes I’ve ever written on here. And that does say something. Not that the whisky is bad though, in fact not at all. The Glenfiddich 12 is a well made whisky that does exactly what it does best. It’s not a whisky that’s going to wow you in any way, as I think you can pick up from this review. But it is an easy sipper, that’s consistent from nose till finish. I would describe this dram as the comfort food of whisky, it’s utterly uncomplicated, but sometimes that’s exactly what you want. And for a beginner this whisky is as good a place to start as any!

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