Review: Fielden Rye

Fields full of life, whisky full of flavour. That’s what it says on the bottle of Fielden Rye. The Fielden distillery team operates with a strong dedication to sustainable farming. They are regenerating England’s fields with heritage grains that are being grown without any use of chemicals. Instead their grains grow in beds of white clover.

At Fielden they believe in bringing back this old way of farming, using natural elements only. Going back to Englands farming roots, bringin back lively and fertile soil. And in their opinion taking care of the soil, will give us whisky of a higher quality!

Personally, I’m a huge fan of heritage grains. They tend to bring unique new flavours to a whisky and both the Heritage Hunter and recent Thy releases with heritage grains have managed to wow me and many other whisky enthusiasts. The thing is though that the whisky has to be grain forward, because if you put that much effort into the grain it would be a shame if it gets overshadowed by the cask.

That having been said, this Fielden is a Rye and that grain usually knows very well how to hold its own in any dram. So, let’s find out if this will be the next big heritage grain hit!

Tasting Notes – Fielden Rye

ABV: 48% (96 proof)
Age: NAS
Distillery: Fielden
Chill-filtered: Unknown
Natural Colour: Unknown

A good friend once told me that Rye spicyness is actually an off-note, that a good rye is actually supposed to be fruity and floral. And this nose offers you just that. Oranges, peaches, plums and dried strawberries give a beautiful spectrum of fruity flavours. With vanilla, brown sugar and a hint of mint to counter and bring balance.

There’s definitely a bit of heat on the palate though, with a nice bit of red pepper zing. Paired with strawberry cream filled donuts, warm baked rye bread with molasses, and clear traces of peppermint. Maple syrup, cherry soda, and dried figs are amongst the other notes I’m able to pick out. Plenty of complexity that’s for sure!

A lovely long lasting finish filled with notes of rich cacao, oak shavings, dried apples, and cinnamon candy. With a strawberry lemonade note popping up every once in a while as you breathe in.

Even though I’m a huge fan of heritage grains, I was a bit skeptical at first. I love a great rye, but here in The Netherlands it doesn’t always suit a wider audience. Will many of my friends like this as well, was a question that immediately popped up in my head. But after tasting it I think I can safely say most of them would love this! At 48% ABV this is certainly not a beginners dram, but for a whisky lover it offers a rye unlike any I’ve ever had before. And it’s as good as it is unique!

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