Review: Black Whiskey (Peru)

A couple of weeks ago me and the drambuddies we’re having a liveshow on Instagram and Joshua (one of our followers) shared which dram he was sipping at the time. That dram was the Black Whiskey, hailing all the way from Peru! The whisky itself is made with Black Andean Corn. The next day I was chatting with Joshua for a bit, and he offered to send a sample my way so I could try it for myself, how awesome is that?!

 One thing I always loved about the whisky community is how it brings people together and Joshua is an excellent example of that. Because of whisky I now have a friend in Germany who I can share a dram with from time to time. So, this Whisky Wednesday I’d like to make a toast to Whisky and making new friends. Here’s to you Joshua!

Tasting Notes: Black Whiskey

ABV: 45% (90 Proof)
Age: NAS
Cask: White Oak Barrels
Distillery: Don Michael
Category: Andean Black Corn Whiskey
Chillfiltered: Unknown
Natural Colour: Yes


The nose on this dram is very intense, in fact I could already smell it at arm’s length. A mixture of dark brown sugar, lemon oil (the kind you use to oil the fretboard on your guitar), and pancake batter are all very clearly noticeable. You’ll also be able to pick up some vanilla custard, chalk and hibiscus flowers. There’s plenty of scents going on in this dram that’s for sure!


On the palate I’m finding a rum like sweetness, with thick and heavy molasses clinging to my tongue and providing an almost sticky mouthfeel. This intense flavour is paired with a hard candy note (wijnbal for the dutchies) and a firm amount of tannin bitterness. A bit of eucalyptus adds a herbal side to the palate as well, but overall those heavy molasses and tannin notes are what stand out the most.


The finish is long as the molasses remains but with a slightly reduced intensity. The tannins stick around firmly on the tongue, and it gives a bitter note that I find very reminiscent of a negroni. I’ve made negroni’s for lots of friends so I’m aware that this may be a very popular note, but personally I’m not a fan and because of it the finish is not really my cup of tea.


My Spanish is far from excellent but I’m able to discern enough to know that on the back of the label this Black Whiskey from Peru states that this is the best Andean Whiskey of the world. While that statement made me chuckle a bit as I can’t imagine it has a whole lot of competition in the Andes when it comes to whisky… I do see the appeal of this whisky. I find it vaguely reminiscent of the Balcones Brimstone and just like I felt about that whisky I’d say it’s an acquired taste. But one that I know many people do love! Just like a negroni really. This might not be a whisky for me, but I’m more than happy that I’ve got try it. Thank you so much Joshua for sharing a dram with me!



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