Review: Indri Drú

We see more and more distilleries popping up across the globe. Whisky is being made all over the globe. Not only that, but it is also winning both awards and the hearts of whisky lovers. After brands like Amrut, Paul John and Rampur introduced the world to excellent quality Indian whiskies, along came Indri. After their hugely popular Indri Trini release, they followed it up with the dram of today’s review: Indri Dru.

I have tried the Trini before on different occasions and if it were not for my ample collection of open bottles, it would have been bought and opened a long time ago. So, when Confessions of a Whisky Freak asked me if I wanted a sample of Indri’s cask strength release Dru. I did not have to think twice, happy to have a sample in hand for a wee review of this very cool Indian distillery.

Tasting Notes – Indri Drú

ABV: 57,2% (114,4 proof)
Age: NAS
Distillery: Indri
Chill-filtered: No
Natural Colour: Yes

An explosion of tropical notes comes at you full force. Mango chutney, roasted pineapple slices, and honey soaked papaya pair beautifully with darker tones of molasses, rich cacao, mocha and cardamom seeds. The contrast between those tropical and chocolatey notes works absolutely wonderful here.

Rum soaked pineapple glazed with honey, seared on hot coals. Candied orange peel, tangerine zest, and stewed prunes (similar to those in Cock-a-Leekie soup). Roasted cinnamon, jalapeños, and a hint of nutmeg give this dram a fair share of spice as well. And finally, caramel syrup covered vanilla ice cream to round it all off.

The finish is very long and let’s the sweeter elements from the palate linger beautifully. The rum soaked pineapple, the candied orange peel and the caramel syrup are all here for the taking. Though after a while tannins do start to take over a bit, leaving the mouth rather dry and the sides of the tongue slightly numb. With notes of oak shining through in a very pleasant way.

Just like I instantly fell in love with the Trini, this Indri Dru did not need long to convince me. Though I will add that every single flavour in this dram is both intense and very expressive. This dram comes at you full force, and though I happen to be someone that loves that, I also know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Where the Trini was a dram that I think almost anyone would appreciate, this is one for me and my fellow whisky geeks!

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