Wolfburn Black Saturday

On August the 19th in the year 1848 a sudden storm claimed the lives of 94 fishermen off the coast from Wick. A day that would become known as Black Saturday in Wick’s local history. In association with the Seafarers Memorial Group Wolfburn decide to launch a special release in honour of those that were lost at sea and to raise funds for the non profit organisation. The Wolfburn Black Saturday features the stunning artwork of Robert Anderson on the bottle, depicting the events of that tragic day.

About a week ago I was visiting my good friend Jan and we got to talking about whisky, how our passion for the golden dram started and the world of whiskylovers we find ourselves in. Where Jan (@dalwinnie8 on Instagram) mostly shares his passion through photography and a healthy dose of humour, I mostly share mine through words. But what we both have in common is that the joy of whisky comes first and foremost. And part of that joy is sharing a dram with friends!

On that note Jan started pulling some bottles of his shelves to pour me a couple of samples, including this Wolfburn Black Saturday. With the clear instructions to above all just enjoy the dram. But like I told Jan, I enjoy my whiskies most while writing about them. And hence, I wrote a review about this dram the very same night. Cheers Jan!

Tasting Notes – Wolfburn Black Saturday

ABV: 46% (92 proof)
Age: NAS
Distillery: Wolfburn
Chill-filtered: No
Natural Colour: Yes

Whispers of mellow peat flow from the glass as you approach to nose it. Slight vegetal notes such as fennel, moss and charred tree bark are spiced up a bit by notes of crushed peppercorns and cured meats. But there’s also lovely notes of vanilla, caramel and kumquats. Giving a lovely complexity to this elegantly peated dram.

The palate of this dram is very fitting for the this bottle’s theme. Tasting notes come and go in waves of different intensity. With mellow notes of caramelised apples, stewed pears and salted butter playing off intense notes of charred steak, smoldering driftwood, and smoked seaweed. The way the flavours seem to come and go like the tides makes this dram very intriguing.

The calm after the storm. The finish has a medium length and seas the more intense flavours of the palate slowly fade away as time goes by. Until all that’s left are ashes, charred bacon strips, and an ever so slight tannic presence.

This is not the first time that Wolfburn shows its heart by dedicating a bottle to charity, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. And for that reason alone, for their generosity and the size of their heart, this dram deserves all the props. All the better for the consumer is that it’s a good whisky in the bottle as well! This dram really takes you on an experience and I love the way it evolves from nose to finish. I wouldn’t mind another wee dram of this on a stormy day!

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