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Review: Thy PX
Thy PX is a fully PX matured Thy Single Malt made from both pale malt and beechwood smoked malt!
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Thy Cask 1260
Thy Cask 1260 is a single cask single malt from Thy Distillery matured in an ex-bourbon cask. Made entirely of…
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Thy Cask 376
Thy Cask 376 is a Heritage Wheat Whisky release from Thy Distillery. Using both emmer and øland grains and aged…
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Thy Bøg
Thy Bøg is my favourite Thy Whisky thus far. It’s both unique and intruiging and most important of all, utterly…
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Thy Single Malt
Thy Single Malt just like the Hawboen makes use of beechwood smoke malt. But this time around it’s aged in…
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Latest Dramblings

Blair Athol Distillery Visit
During our honeymoon we were lucky enough to visit the Blair Athol Distillery and were gifted these amazing samples straight from the cask!
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Thy Whisky Week
I’m dedicating a whole week to Thy Distillery from Denmark! Check out an overview of the reviews right here!
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Mates Arrack
Mates Arrack brins a little bit of Indonesia to our shores this summer. With bold and exciting flavours it’s sure to brigthen up your day!
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Glaschu Spirits Co
To celebrate the stunning Glengoyne from my latest Explorers Pack I planned an interview with the boys from Glaschu Spirits Co!
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Reminiscing Scotland
Last august I took a sailing trip on the Thalassa. From Oban to Tobermory, Ardnamurchan, Islay, Jura and back again.
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