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Starward Tawny is an exceptionally well made Port Cask Matured whisky, although technically it’s a fortified wine since it originates not from Jirez but from Australia.

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Tasting Notes: Starward – Tawny Cask

ABV: 50% (100 proof)

Age: 4 years Old

Casks: Matured in Red Wine Casks, finished in Tawny Casks.

Distillery: Starward Distillery

Category: Single Malt Australian Whisky

Chill-Filtered: No

Natural Colour: Yes



While I was still letting the whisky rest in the glass for a little while, luscious notes of red fruit already beckoned me towards the glass. Usually, it’s peat that I can already smell at arm’s length, but here it’s strawberry, cherry, and raspberry. With my nose closer to the glass, I start to pick up on dried fruit as well. With soft notes of fig, date, and apricot. There’s a lovely layer of honey in there too. And some lovely spices that prevent it from becoming overly sweet. Cinnamon and especially nutmeg come to mind.


On the palate you can find a wonderful interaction between the sweeter elements of this dram and a fair bit of spiciness from the oak interaction. Cranberries, dried strawberries, cinnamon, nutmeg, and crushed peppercorn are the most noticeable notes. But there’s a bitter note in there as well. Tannins are noticeable on the palate and that’s what gives this dram its bitterness. But because of the sweet and spicy character of the spirit it doesn’t overwhelm. Instead, it adds to the balance and complexity of this whisky. You can also taste the red wine on the palate of this one when you look for it.


The finish starts out quite intense, with liquorice and cherry candy making a clear appearance. Those flavours are very intense at first, but unfortunately, they do fade away rather fast. The tannins linger a fair bit longer, but without the balance of fruit and spice it’s rather unremarkable. Still, that initial burst in the finish is wonderful. But you won’t mind taking a bite of food after a sip all too much. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. Pairing whisky with food was Starward’s original plan te begin with after all.


I’m so thrilled that I was able to include this whisky in my Explorers Pack. This dram is very much my cup of tea. And it’s such a thrill to explore a whisky from a climate so different than that of the “usual suspects” (Read: Scotch). I think the Tawny Port finish worked wonders for this dram. Adding a layer of complexity that goes perfectly with the Starward spirit. This whisky does pack a punch though and its flavours can become a bit intense after a while. A dram that provides a lovely experience, best enjoyed one small glass at a time. (Or as Starward themselves see it: paired with a delicious meal).

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