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Based on an old recipe from the recipe book of Job Kramer Freher, manager of Rynbende Distillery until his retirement in 1963, Rynbende returns to the market with the introduction of the Vintage Genever: The Mayor of Exploration. Bottled at 40%.

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Specially-made Vintage Genever

The Mayor of Exploration is made from malt wine that has been aged in American oak casks for 3 years, smoky malt whisky and vodka aged for 25 years in European oak casks and distilled according to Schiedam’s 1902 tradition. This makes for an exceptionally pure drink.

The Vintage Genever is also a tribute to Simon Rynbende himself. Wood, smoke and seaweed notes take you back to fires on the beach and a fresh sea breeze on the deck of the ship on which Simon set off into the wide world.

A drink for lovers of whisky and gin, but also for those who like ‘wine and food’. A delicious discovery drunk pure, but also a great mixer or cocktail ingredient.

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