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Created from two 8-year-old rums from Barbados and the Dominican Republic, these two celebrated spirits were blended with 5-8 year rums from Nicaragua. The rums have been aged in ex-Bourbon casks and the Mates themselves come from the Netherlands, which gives this spirit a touch of national pride as well! It’s bottled all natural with a healthy ABV of 40%.

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Tasting Notes: Mates XO Rum

Rum raisin “oliebollen” (a dutch treat often served around New Years Eve). Saying rum-raisins might be a very obvious note ofcourse, but it’s a note that I adore (as you may know from some of my whisky reviews) and as such I’m very happy to find it here. But there’s much more to this nose than just that. I’m also finding molasses covered pancakes, dried cranberries, and just a hint of stewed prunes.


The palate is far less sweet than the nose would lead you to believe. In fact the first notes I pick up are those of coffee and mocha beans. An almost creamy mouthfeel, paired with these lovely dark notes brings some amazing pastries to mind. You can still pick up molasses and burnt caramel notes as well, but it’s the darker notes that reign supreme!


The finish is long and focusses entirely on the darker notes. I’m getting some extra dark chocolate cherry bonbons, ristretto, and cacao powder notes that I find utterly thrilling. This is dark and complex and I love that the focus isn’t on the sweeter side.

Easy pour:

This is a rum I personally like to drink neat, but that’s also amazing in a Dark ‘n Stormy. Pour 35ml of Mates XO Rum over ice and add 120ml Ginger Beer. Garnish with a slice of lime. An intriguing mixture of flavours that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

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