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Merchant Navy Rum from the Dubhghlas Distillery in Zwartsluis. Aged for 16 months in an ex-Oloroso Sherry Cask. Good stuff!

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Tasting Notes Dubhghlas Merchant Navy Rum Oloroso

ABV: 58,57% (117,14 Proof)
Age: 16 Months
Distillery: Dubhghlas Distillery Zwartsluis
Category: Single Cask Rum
Chill-Filtered: No
Natural Colour: Yes

Banana toffee, warm buttered caramel, and a freshly brewed pot of rooibos tea. This spirit has a full-bodied nose with layers upon layers of sugary desserts. Banana is a clear ingredient in all of them though. From the aforementioned banana toffee, to banana eclairs, banana bread and baked plantains. The thing that surprises me the most is this rum’s level of complexity, and it’s not just different forms of banana desserts either. I’m also picking up on cherry, freshly squeezed apples, and notes of kardemom and cinnamon.

The banana toffees find their way on the palate for sure, but where the focus of the nose lay on the bananas, the palate has a much wider spectrum to offer. I’m picking up on heaps of salted liquorice, liquorice root, wijnballen, and some salmiak. It’s like visiting an old-school dutch candy shop in your glass. What an experience!

The finish of this Rum stays with you for quite some time, slightly bitter notes of liquorice root and tannins remain but they’re balanced out nicely with some sweeter notes. I’m picking up on some sugared black tea, some dried strawberries, and freshly pick cherries. Definitely one you can sit with and savour for a while.

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Ex-Oloroso Cask

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