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This Flam Wine finished DS Tayman Linkwood 12 is a true thing of beauty. The way it plays with the senses is beguiling to say the least!

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Tasting Notes: DS Tayman – Linkwood 12

ABV: 46% (92 Proof)
Age: 12 years old
Cask: Aged in ex-Bourbon Barrels and finished in a Flam Wine Barrel
Distillery: Linkwood
Category:  Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Chillfiltered: No
Natural Colour: Yes



The nose of this dram is very full bodied, filled with luscious fruit notes and a bit of mustiness. Exactly how I like my Linkwoods. I’m finding Maraschino cherries, black currants and brambles dusted with a heavy layer of powdered sugar. The musty note reminds me of a burlap sack which previously held apples. Honey and vanilla round off the nose and make this rather complex whisky very well-balanced. Though the fruit notes most likely derive from the wine-finish, I don’t pick up on an “actual” wine-note at all.


On the palate you’re welcomed by a vast number of intense flavours, with a beautiful underlying sweetness. The first thing I pick up is honey, quickly followed by tangerines, apricots, and pluots. Those sweeter flavours are quickly balanced out by a fair bit of tannin, providing a wonderful bitterness vaguely reminiscent of biting down on a clove. Just when you’re about to think the flavours are becoming a bit too intense it mellows out again and back comes the sweetness in the form of a strawberry lemonade poured over ice. The way this dram evolves and plays with your palate is beguiling and will leave you eager to try another sip.


The finish has an above medium length, and it’s the sweeter elements that seem to fade first. What you’re left with is a rather tannic finish, with occasional whiffs of that strawberry lemonade note popping its head up. Like a casual reminder to go back to your glass for another sip. I’m personally not the biggest fan of bitter flavours (negroni’s for example are not exactly my cup up tea) but I’m okay with it here. If anything, the bitterness reminds me a bit of an orange peel which is a rather new note to this dram that I can truly appreciate.


I might not be the biggest fan of the finish on this dram. But I do realise that that’s a rather personal preference. The nose and palate of this dram on the other hand are just so good, that I just had to include this DS Tayman Linkwood 12 in my line-up. Especially because of that palate, which really takes you for a ride. The way the flavours in this dram play with your senses is an experience on its own, and that’s exactly the kind of whisky I like to bring your attention. This is truly a dram for flavour adventurers!

Bottled by

DS Tayman





Natural color


Cask Strength



Flam Wine barrel

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Scotland – Speyside




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