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An absolute stunning Dutch Whisky from the Kleiweg in Rotterdam. Paul and Maria continue to surprise me with their excellent whiskies!

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Tasting Notes: Cley – Oloroso Cask

ABV: 54% (108 proof)

Age: 4,5 year old

Distillery: Cley

Cask: 3 years in an ex-Bourbon cask and 1,5 years in an ex-Oloroso Quarter Cask

Category: Dutch Single Malt Whisky

Chill-Filtered: No

Natural Colour: Yes


A sherry bomb if I’ve ever smelled one! Full of cherries, blackberries, winegums and cotton candy. With just a hint of cacao. But one note that truly speaks to me is that of old polished wood. It’s like opening a dusty drawer of an old wooden cabinet and finding a jar of candy inside. A lovely combination!


Very full bodied with almost syrupy characteristics. With a lovely bitterness to it that reminds me of a well-made Italian espresso. There are cherry bonbons, mulled wine, oranges, cloves and nutmeg. Flavours bold, outspoken, and complex. This dram pulls no punches, and the influence of the Oloroso Quarter Casks is clear. It takes the already excellent Cley Single Malt to new heights!


The finish is long, mouthcoating and warming. One that truly stays with you for a long time. Literally and figuratively speaking. Cherry candy, dried strawberries and oak shavings stay remain noticeable for quite some time, but it’s the dram altogether that you won’t soon forget.


When trying this dram it’s easy to see why Cley managed to get such a dedicated and enthusiastic fanbase in a short time. It’s not just that the spirit is excellent though, it’s also the passion and enthusiasm of the distillery owners Paul and Maria themselves. After trying a dram of this the best news that I can give you is that they are in the midst of building a new distillery. Which means there will soon be more than enough Cley to go around. But in the meantime, lets savour this excellent Cley Oloroso Cask from their current distillery at the Kleiweg in Rotterdam!

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Ex-Oloroso Cask

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